i’m tryin to learn bass

February 11, 2010 § 1 Comment

and guitar at the same time. If I get kinda good at one of these things, funny things’ll happen.

That’s my excuse for why you haven’t seen many posts from us in the last week. I spend my days off googling songs I think I might be able to play and then trying to pwn em, over and over.

Anyways, tonight’s looking pretty great so I thought I’d take a break (my fingers hurt) and tell you about it.

I’m pretty stoked about the show happening at The Cottage in Dorchester… Christmas Island, The Beets, Beach Fossils, Needy Visions, Maine Coons. WHEW.

There’s also a good thing goin at the Plough and Stars – Lonesome Republic and Burning Oak. 10 PM maybe free maybe $5.

And have you heard about Together (New England Electronic Music Festival)? Being more a fan of messy guitars and loud drums, it’s something I feel ill-equipped to write about. But, I don’t know, you could be into that sort of thing. Tonight at Great Scott is Das Racist, Southern Belle, and Mystery Roar, with DJ sets by DJ Die Young, Justin Cameron (Rougewaves), and PPALMM. Neon Indian was supposed to play but Jimmy Fallon presented a better offer.

I dunno, guys. I’ll be at The Cottage if someone, anyone, stops being lame and wants to go with me. Otherwise I’ll just keep playing ‘Crimson and Clover’.


§ One Response to i’m tryin to learn bass

  • Steve Pilgrim says:

    The guitar n’ bass path is a difficult one, young padawan. But, she can be taught! Next time Ian “Steve Winwood” Laczynski and myself are up in that neck of the woods, we’ll give you some helpful pointers.

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