helluva week

January 30, 2010 § Leave a comment

Anthony asked me if there were any good shows coming up. Silly Anthony.

If money wasn’t an issue and work wasn’t a thing, this coming week would be the best. Because Cat is being a lame-o and won’t let me go to Unit 11 (I’m kidding!), I’m going to go ahead and plan everyone’s week for them. It’s kiiinda amazing. I’m a big believer of fun not being restricted to just Friday-Sunday (hello, I’m a waitress).

How about you click ‘keep reading’ link if you really want me to keep talking? I don’t want to break the front page.

Saturday (the 30th)
Gosh, I’d probably say the O’Brien’s show with Wolves On The Radio, Dan Webb And The Spiders (the OB’s link will lead you to an Australian Dan Webb. Don’t be fooled), Most Ghosts (ex-This Car Up), The Boyfriends. I’ve only seen The Boyfriends but I kind of loved them. 21+, 9 PM, $5. ONLY FIVE BONES PEOPLE.

Sunday (31st)
It’s pretty weird for me to have a Sunday night off. I tend to go a little stir crazy, try to clean my room, then fall asleep at 11. But OH! PA’s Lounge has the Jesuscentric Record Release: Hangman’s Alphabet, Luau, Aloha Sarcophagus. Sorted. 18+, Doors 8:30PM, $8for21+/$10for18-20.

Monday (1st)
Hey guess what? Cat’s band is playing again! This time it’s down the street at Harper’s Ferry and Hello Ninja is playing with Beat Surrender, The Okay Win, and Stalemate. Cool. Plus I can’t find anything else to do that night HAHAHA I’m kidding again.

Tuesday (2nd)
I dunno, kid. I can’t find anything that’s going to make me spend money on Tuesday night. Am I missing something? Or are we all going to end up at The Model at 1 AM?

Wednesday (3rd)
I AM SO EXCITED TO SEE EVAN DANDO. He’ll be at Great Scott with The Candles and Arletta. It’s $15 but c’mooon it’s worth it.

Thursday (4th)
Well, I think I’d go to PA’s again. I’ve never been to PA’s this much in a year, christ. But hey, it’s Weirdo Records first birthday! Helping them celebrate are The Needy Visions, Chris Corsano, Bill Nace & Greg Kelley, Cotton Candy, Noise Nomad. 18+, Doors 8:30PM, Tix $7for21+/$10for18-20

Friday (5th)
I saw A.A. Bondy on semi-accident back in September and he left me absolutely shell-shocked. You should see him on purpose at TT’s! With Willy Mason, Ryan Lee Crosby & Elio DeLuca, Paul Sentz of This Car Up. $10, 9 PM. (Also I know I was going to list just a show a day but special mention goes to Technoir MA at The Pill!)

Saturday (6th)
You listen up. You find The Problem Haus (you can email us, you know) for Bonezone, General Interest, World Map, Thunderhole. Okay? I’ll give you a hint – it’s in Allston.

That’s it, a week. One hell of a week. Sometimes I just want to hug this city so damned hard.


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