it’s cool to care

January 14, 2010 § Leave a comment

Hey, internet.
You don’t need me to tell you about the horrible tragedy that has hit Haiti this week.
Like many, you might be wanting to donate but not know where to go. For our part, Cat and I have decided that the money we save from punk week (it’s quickly accumulating!) ought to be used to help. One thing I’ve learned from the punks is to help your neighbor.

Anyways, I was messing around on Facebook yesterday (not punk) when i saw that Ramming Speed suggested Direct Relief International. After doing some research, I agree with ’em. Go here to donate.

Also, both 1369s (Inman or Central Square) will be giving away free coffee this Saturday until 1 PM. All donations will go to help Haiti. Great coffee and live music in the morning – oh I’m there!

And hey, while you’re surfin the net, check out Ramming Speed.
We all need a little escapism these days and they’re just the ticket…  As says, “Say hello to Ramming Speed and goodbye to your brain cells!”



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