Big East & Condita

January 14, 2010 § Leave a comment

Big East

Last Thursday, Kate and I left our semi-warm apartment and scurried on down to Church to watch the great Northern rock band Big East.  Between swigs of PBR (on special for the night – it was basically free) and banter with the merch girl (the lovely and talented Anna Rasche, of Whiskey Kate & the Ladyfriends), we were privy to one of the most joyfully exuberant rock shows I’ve seen all year, maybe even all decade.

Celebrating their debut release (Condita, stalk the band members and purchase your copy), the band delighted a packed house with tales of girls, booze and the city that spawned it all.  Drummer Justin Shapiro locked the rhythm with bassist Viva Michael LaFleur, creating a flannel-covered dance floor for the wailing axes of Sam Toabe, Eric Ramsley and Jeffery Vachon to waltz all over.

The highlight of the night came towards the end of the set, during “I’m Yer Dude”.

“IIIIIIIII moved to ALLLLLLSTON for something to do!!!!” sang Vachon, uniting the crowd in a fist-pumping chant-a-long with enough smiles to bring sunshine to the darkest of Boston winters.


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