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January 8, 2010 § Leave a comment

Summer ’08 I ran the door at a show at Tuft’s Oxfam Cafe for Dan of Bodies of Water Arts and Crafts.
It was a truly great bill – Best Friends Forever, Many Mansions, Secret Hideouts (their last show, actually), and Thick Shakes. The toilet wouldn’t stop running at the end of the night but besides that, it was fun. Lots of it.

I know, I know; great story, Flavin. Another one for the books. But, honestly, there’s a reason for this brief foray down memory lane. Thick Shakes are still alive and kickin’ and, folks, they rule. I noticed on Twitter the other day (as I am a Twitter-fiend, it seems) that they put some new songs up on muxtape and I want to make sure the world checks them out.


The delayed party for the release of their EP, Ooh Mommy, will be at PA’s on February 20th with Girlfriends, Hands & Knees, and Quilt. I’m stoked.


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