Weirdo Records in January

January 4, 2010 § Leave a comment

Well this is a cool thing. This month, there will be a top-notch band playing every Monday night at Weirdo Records in Cambridge. Starting at 8, ending around 10, with only a $5 donation for a charge, you’d be silly not to go. Your boss will have no idea you went out on a Monday night.

Click to find out who’s playing – I’m stealing the text from everyone’s favorite messageboard.

The guy from Oklo Audio ( writes:

“Hello, I am “curating” this month’s Series at Weirdo Records.

The Series is indeed a series, of music performances, natch, that takes place every Monday night at Weirdo. Things get started at 8pm, end about 10 or 10:30pm, & $5 donations are requested.

January 4th: Magic People
Stripped down, strung out, and pumped up. We have records now. “Boston based arty noise rock unit”

January 11th: Twan Beautiful
The rapper formally known as OptimisGFN, internationally known from crews Lost Channel, Komadose, Distorted Megabytes, etc.

January 18th (MLK Day): Steve Norton/Matt Somalis Duo
Reeds, bird calls, percussion, objets, freak outs, virtuosity.

January 25th: Death Shepherd*
The debut of a psychedelectronic band featuring Aaron of Crystal Understanding. *They will probably have changed their name by the time they play.

Weirdo records is a tiny record store in Central Square, and during shows, people tend to be close to other people.

844 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, Massachusetts

i like this. let’s go.


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