helluva week

January 30, 2010 § Leave a comment

Anthony asked me if there were any good shows coming up. Silly Anthony.

If money wasn’t an issue and work wasn’t a thing, this coming week would be the best. Because Cat is being a lame-o and won’t let me go to Unit 11 (I’m kidding!), I’m going to go ahead and plan everyone’s week for them. It’s kiiinda amazing. I’m a big believer of fun not being restricted to just Friday-Sunday (hello, I’m a waitress).

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January 27, 2010 § 2 Comments

A paladin, a wizard, and a thief walk into a Vietnamese restaurant.

Wait, wait.

A teacher, a math whiz, and a vintage salesman started a band.

Girlfriends 'roid

(l-r) Jenny, Andy, Benny

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sunday night’s alright

January 24, 2010 § Leave a comment

Here’s the thing. Like many apartments in Allston, the one I find myself in is an absolute hotbed for musical activity.

We have Brian, musical genius and founder of European Nobility. It’s Serf Rock, kids. He plays piano, I play claves, and Cat is auditioning for the guillotine.

Auditioning, that is, because she’s got her own thing going as well – enter, Hello Ninja. And, lucky you, they’re playing at the Middle East Upstairs tonight! Come hang!

Presented by FNice Records, with The Susan Constants, Ship High in Transit, The Culprit Policy. 8 PM, $10.

hey i know that guy

January 23, 2010 § Leave a comment

This is really cool. Tonight!

i woke up with a song in my head this mornin

January 23, 2010 § Leave a comment

Just couldn’t figure out what song it was. Drummed out the beat to Cat, she looked at me cross-eyed and bought me a coffee. Walked around the restaurant humming it, scared off customers and caused employee dissatisfaction. But then, as I was walking to the pot wash (this is where I do all my hardest thinking… life has really taken off), I got it!

And now, reader, you will share my burden. The song in question is ‘Anchor Home’ by a new band out of Somerville, Four Eyes. Who are these chaps? Will (ex-Tussin), Nick (ex-Montcalm) and Dan (current Daniel Striped Tiger), that’s who. I always get nervous when I listen to friends’ music – I’m not a very good liar, you see. It’s nice when you don’t have to lie.

Check em out hereĀ  http://foureyes.muxtape.com and/or go see them tomorrow afternoon at Midway Cafe in JP!

Show deets:
Saturday the 23rd at Midway Cafe (3496 Washington Street, Jamaica Plain), 4 PM, $7
Planned Communities, Horsehands, Four Eyes, Angelic Grit, A Life Worth Living

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