nobody puts baby in the corner

December 18, 2009 § Leave a comment

Sorry, I had to.

I’ve figured out what you’re doing Saturday night. Excited?

You see, (and you know you trust my judgement) The Big Big Bucks are among my favorite Boston bands to see live. I’ll never forget my first time seeing them – it was in a basement on Allston Street, two summers ago at my SECOND EVER basement show. Time has certainly flown by but one thing hasn’t changed – these kids rule.

This isn’t just a run of the mill Saturday night show, either. This is a 7″ release PARTY! The Bucks have gathered together some of their favorites to celebrate the upcoming release of their newest single, “Be a Baby”.

The line-up goes like this (first to last)

Bar Sinister (members of Now Denial) –
Baby Driver (a band I really want to see! And you ought to see!) –
The Konks –
The Big Big Bucks –


If a night of some of Boston’s finest isn’t enough to get you in the door, let me introduce you to a whiff of something every music-fiend lusts after – the taste of exclusivity. Because, my friends, the reality is that “Be A Baby” won’t be available in stores until January (on Static Eye Records, Jan 12). That’s 2010! Who KNOWS where you’ll be next year! You really ought to come, buy your copy, and then email Pitchfork about how cool you are.

So c’mon, put on your New Socks, New Sneaks, get in your Futurecar and head to Great Scott this Saturday. Let’s get Sweaty and Desperate! Do It or Diet!

If you can’t go (and I can think of only one good excuse), you better keep an eye out for “Be A Baby” in January, followed by the release of the band’s full-length, “Crucial Schmooze” (streaming at their website now).


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