I can’t stop listening to The Lemonheads

December 10, 2009 § Leave a comment

It’s driving me CRAZY!
Right now I’m listening to Hate Your Friends … in approximately 15 minutes I’ll put It’s a Shame About Ray on.

Did you know that Evan Dando is going to be playing Great Scott? It’s in February, which I realize is a long time from now, but I’m pretty excited. Were you there that time at the Paradise? When they played It’s a Shame About Ray from start to finish, and then played “Different Drum” and THEN the dude from Urge Overkill came on with sunglasses and a cowboy hat and they covered “Girl, You’ll Be a Woman Soon” … that was the best.

But whoa do I digress. I just figured I’d write a little ditty about what local stuff I’ve been listening to lately (and The Lemonheads certainly do count. I like listening to “Drug Buddy” and imagining Dando and his friend wandering around Lower Allston).


I know I’ve ranted about them once or twice but if you haven’t, you should check out Girlfriends. They just made a beautiful looking tape, for one thing. (LOOK!) Cat listened to them yesterday and agrees with me… so, if you want a band that transcends the boundaries between our musical tastes (read: the best kind), check em outtt. http://www.myspace.com/girlfriendsus

Who else? The Have Mercy’s! I realize they’ve now relocated to the West Coast and I’m pretty late to the fan-boat but I care not. I love them. I listen to “Eyeful” at least once a day. Go here: http://havemercys.com/ or MySpace it!

Then there’s the usual suspects. Helms, Faces on Film (oh hey they’re playing next Thursday, Mid East Upstairs with Hallelujah the Hills, Tulsa, Jesse Gallagher… see you there!), The Big Big Bucks, UH so many others I can’t deal with it.

I think we’re pretty lucky to be surrounded by the bands we are. This coming Saturday night is a great example. In Somerville one can find Bonezone, The Terribles, Maine Coons, and Four Eyes while over in Allston is Girlfriends, Young Adults, Blissed Out, Mind Yeti, Double Awake. And then! In Brighton’s Castlebar is Moto, Get Laid, Nymphets, Planned Communities.

WHAT WILL YOU DO?! What a nice problem to have.


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