A montly update!

November 13, 2009 § Leave a comment

So, I got an email from my dad the other day. My car insurance was very due and, being the caring dude he is, he wanted to be certain I hadn’t forgotten. The postscript, however, included a jibe at the fact that we haven’t updated this site since early October. Nothing like your parents to get you to take action; I have no good retort and so here I am, posting.

Let’s talk about tonight! Remember those choose-your-own-endings books where you chose option A or option B and option A had you turning to page 67 while option B made you turn the book upside down? That’s what this post is.

I give you three magical doors for your evening, on this Friday the 13th.

You can:

A. Go to Great Scott in Allston, see the Bon Savants play, and dance your little misunderstood heart out at The Pill. 9 PM, $5, 21+.

B. Find Gay Gardens for a good ole Allston house show. Bonezone (who I’ve never seen but really want to) are playing along with Gila Monster, Fat History Month, and Golden Girls. Fun starts at 7.30.

C. Make your way to Castle Bar in Oak Square in Brighton (Have you been there? I haven’t been there I’m gonna get lost) for Gentlemen Jesse and His Men, Tampoffs, DumbWaiters.

What happens next is up to you. Please report back if you chose to do any of these things and had a great/bad/okay time.


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