Tonight at GS! AA Bondy, Willy Mason, Mike Fiore

September 8, 2009 § Leave a comment

One of the best things about working part time is I finally have nights free for shows. I promised myself I’d go to at least one a week, and so far I’m doing alright.

And so what’ll it be tonight? My attention was first brought to tonight’s show at Great Scott by the opening act, Mike Fiore. The face of Faces on Film and a Boston songsmith who gives me chills, I try to catch his sets whenever I can.

But there’s more!

Martha Vineyard’s own, Willy Mason, has two albums under his belt. I remember when his song “Oxygen” was on some CD attached to the NME, I used to make my carpool listen to it ad nauseam. I can’t seem to find any new news on him now, but I can assure you that the boy’s got chops. Check him out on myspace!

Last, but not least… Have you ever heard of a Southern grunge band called Verbena? Apparently, Dave Grohl called them the next Nirvana. But, come 2003, things fell apart (as these things often do) and lead singer Scott Bondy retreated to the Catskills. Come 2007 he emerged with his birth-name and a new sound that leads critics to namecheck Dylan, Cash and Williams. On September 1, his second album “When the Devil’s Loose” was released… come celebrate with him.

So, there we are. A night full of men with guitars, demanding your full attention. I’ll be there, leaning against the column/a wall as usual. Say hi, I don’t bite.

And here’s some links, for more info:

Faces on Film
Willy Mason
AA Bondy


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