The Boston Underground Summit TONIGHT

September 12, 2009 § 1 Comment

Oh my god, this is the best thing I have heard of in some time. I’m going to be late for work but YOU NEED TO KNOW.

Today (Saturday 9/12), ten bands will be playing at Outside the Lines studio in Medford.

How the hell can one sit through ten bands, you might be thinking? It’s round robin style, of course! All the bands will be set up at the same time and each band will take turns playing one song. Once all ten have played, they’ll start at the beginning again, going around the loop until the show ends. Dan Shea, promoter extraordinaire of Bodies of Water Arts and Crafts, Needy Visions, and other magical things, is borrowing this idea from a group in Baltimore. And I think it’s awesome. Come find a new favorite local band.

And the bands are… (I’m borrowing his words for this list)

mind yeti psychsters
life partners noisenik balladeers
needy visions lowbrow popsters
streight angular squiggly dudes
mmoss psych popsters
big digits party animals
crystal understanding synth sherpas
world map anti-funksters
many mansions electro tribalists
maine coons awfully dirty pants punk

Funds raised go to a Boston Underground Compilation LP. Get into it.

70 Colby St.
Medford, MA


Tonight at GS! AA Bondy, Willy Mason, Mike Fiore

September 8, 2009 § Leave a comment

One of the best things about working part time is I finally have nights free for shows. I promised myself I’d go to at least one a week, and so far I’m doing alright.

And so what’ll it be tonight? My attention was first brought to tonight’s show at Great Scott by the opening act, Mike Fiore. The face of Faces on Film and a Boston songsmith who gives me chills, I try to catch his sets whenever I can.

But there’s more!

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In this post I tell you to read another blog

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Last Friday at the Pill, the Televandals celebrated the release of their single “Good for Nothing”. It was packed. I mean, I had to stand in front of people shorter than me to get anywhere near the stage (usually I am cursed with the kind of show going decorum that gets no one anywhere). Anyways, it was fairly ridiculous, and the kind of party only our lovely neighbors can provide. Just ask Anthony.

That’s all I wanted to say, and now you should probably check out Tea Party Boston’s interview with Televandals RIGHT HERE. Aren’t you curious what Nico’s favorite word is??

Also, to hear their newest single, please check out their myspace. While you’re there, keep an eye out for the remix of “Dirty Lovers” by Zak Broman (of Rogue Wave).

Ok, you get reading… I have to go now. The windows are open and they can probably hear me playing “Good for Nothing”. That’s awkward.

my two cents

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First things first, go to the “Shows” tab and LOOK WHAT I DID. We now have your next month planned out for you; quit your job, you’re going to be very busy. I’m going to be very broke.

Also… looking for something new to listen to? Go here and stream The Big Big Bucks’ new album, Crucial Schmooze. Trust me, when have I ever let you down?


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