This weekend, get weird.

August 14, 2009 § Leave a comment

Excuse any spelling/grammatical errors that are about to occur. The British have invaded and I have to write this post in the five spare minutes I have.

Basically, there’s something awesome going on this, the 40th anniversary of Woodstock weekend. The Whitehaus Family Record, based in JP, will be hosting an EPIC, three-day all-ages experimental music festival and benefit at the Cambridge YMCA theater called WEIRDSTOCK… With about 50 experimental acts from different parts of New England and beyond, this is too good to miss.

$7 for one day, $12 for two days, $15 for all three.

Click for set times! And GO ‘cos I can’t!

6:00 Jacob Mashak  S
6:30 TBA
7:00 George Myers S
7:30 Skeletons Out  F
8:30 Behavior  S
9:00 White Limousine and Impatient Truck with Special Guest  F
(chris cooper of Fat Worm of Error)
9:30 Harry Merry  S
10:00 Julian Lynch S
10:30 Mudboy  F
11:00 Keith Fullerton Whitman + Geoff Mullen  S

1:00 Grass Tower  S
1:30 Dick Heaven  S
2:00 Psych Fam  F
2:30Casey Rocheteau  S
3:00 The Great Valley   S
3:30 Invisible Circle  F
4:00 The Hard Nips  S
4:30 Tooth Ache F
5:00 Son of Salami/Psychic Vagina  S
5:30 Many Mansions  F
6:30Eat Cloud  S
7:00Guatemala City  F
7:30Lord Jeff  S
8:00 Quilt  F
8:30 Tempera  S
9:00 White Light  S
9:30 Sore Eros  F
10:00 Kurt Weisman  S
10:30 Harmonizer  S   (Greg Davis)
11:00 Dreamhouse  S?

1:00 Concord Ballet Orchestra Players  F
1:30 Ppalmm  S
2:00 Fractillian  F
2:30 Color Guard   S
3:00 Cave Bears   F
3:30 Sacred Harp   S
4:00 Metal and Glass  F
4:30 Omnivore  S
5:00 Duck That  F
5:30 Robert Stillman  S
6:30 Goat of Arms S
7:00 Cursillistas S
7:30The Human Hairs  F
8:00 Ricardo Donoso S
8:30 Peace, Loving F
9:00 Radio Wonderland  S
9:30 Truman Peyote  F
10:00 QFWFQ Duo  S
10:30 Animal Hospital  F
11:00 Devil Music  Ensemble S


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