Summer in the City

July 29, 2009 § Leave a comment

Hello, readers.
I know you exist, Word Press does this Blog Stats thing to prove to Cat and I that all is not for naught.

Anyways, what’s going on? I went to see Christians & Lions, The Big Big Bucks and Brontosaur at Middle East Upstairs on Sunday (CD release show for 2 outta the 3)… It was brilliant, I’ll write about it soon hopefully. In the meantime (because you and I both know that I hate writing show reviews) you should check the bands out and see what you think.

Three most excellent Boston bands…

Christians & Lions
The Big Big Bucks

Who wants to write about shows/albums/anything Boston for us? We want to keep content going but barely get to go to shows because of our silly waitressing habit. I’m gonna start doing a local spotlight bit so if you’ve got any bands you think should be covered, drop us an email at

That’s all I got – I’m going outside!

PS. I just made us a Twitter! Follow us! Now! Only one person is right now and it’s me…


Be Hangoutable

July 10, 2009 § 1 Comment

So okay. I, like all young twenty-somethings, can Facebook with the best of them. Not to mention my ability to blog, talk crap on messageboards, MySpace… I even try my hardest to Twitter interestingly.

Do I really need another internet diversion? If it’s worth my time, sure. Say hello to our friends at Sponty. They’ve made Pilgrims of Sound a “Featured Feed” but that honestly isn’t the only reason I’m introducing you two… I actually think the website’s quite cool and it frustrates me that it’s so new that NOONE I know is on it and at a certain point there’s only so many times you can announce to the internet that you are planning on hanging out with yourself. Phew. Also, they’re based in Boston.. we at Pilgrims like things based in Boston.

The website is essentially a calendar, showing what your friends are doing. You can choose to “hang out” with them if it’s something you like. Which is where Pilgrims of Sound comes in; as religiously as we update our gig listings page, we will now be updating our Sponty feed to show you our picks for live music. As I now have criminally poor knowledge of bands outside 95, it’ll be predominatly local shows.

So… sign up to Sponty, add Pilgrims of Sound as a friend of yours, and hang out with us!

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