Start the weekend early…

June 25, 2009 § 1 Comment

Saturday’s so passe, after all.

Tonight, June 25, come hang out at the Middle East Up for Forest Henderson’s CD (re)Release. Even better, the show also serves as a CD release party for Dave Crespo & the After Party. Two for two, I can hardly stand it. Also playing and releasing nothing but the rock (you’d think Cat was writing this, wouldn’t you?), is Anomopoly and High Speed Steal. 9 PM, 18+, $10.

Tomorrow, you will likely be hungover and feeling a little bit poorer.  No fear, we have a free show for you. Beautiful Lies CD Release, presented by Boston Music Spotlight, will be at Kings. 9 PM, 21+, FREE.

No excuses. We’ll see ya there!


June 2, 2009 § 5 Comments

by Anthony Pilgrim

There’s a fine line between the devil and me.
Teen Heat- Gunslinger Kids

Rock ‘n roll music is not for the cool. It is not for the organized, the suave, the WASPs, or the ironic. Rock ‘n roll is a reject game, first played by the misfits who weren’t allowed to use the front door in polite company, and followed up by WWII bomb shelter Brit brats. From there, it was handed off and fortified by space-case art rockers, glue-sniffing anarchists, mutant heavy-metal hitters, and the forever-27 crowd. So, when two boys wielding nothing more than a solid state amp, a guitar, and a three-piece drum set take the stage with “Born Too Kill” scribbled across their foreheads, screaming about disenchanted teenage lives and the need to see their own blood on the stage to a crowd of five people it quickly becomes clear that THESE are the rightful heirs to the throne.

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