Don’t think we aren’t busy!

May 6, 2009 § 7 Comments

I’m in a race with Steve and Anthony Pilgrim to see who can finish an article first.

Either you’re going to get to read about:

A. Forest Henderson

B. Teen Heat

C. Deer Tick / Faces on Film

I’m going to win, damnit.



§ 7 Responses to Don’t think we aren’t busy!

  • thePeanutGallery says:

    Fight fight fight!

  • Steve Pilgrim says:

    Yeah probably. This FH article is proving difficult. It’s hard to put an angle on “Normal dudes write genial rock music.”

  • Anthony says:

    Bring it Pilgrim

  • Anthony says:

    Damnit the Teen Heat story of the century has been done and sent to you so called ediotors for sometime. Foul! Shannanagans! Illuminati! Conspricy!

  • katepilgrim says:

    True story: I cut my thumb and went on a typing hiatus. It hurt to hit the space bar.
    Soon, Anthony. Soon.

    Or maybe I’m not letting Cat post your thing so I can win…

  • Steve Pilgrim says:

    What’s the story? Teen Heat stole every riff written by In Vino Veritas? Artistic heresy!

  • Anthony says:

    Funny you mention it, seems that any band that ever played ugly guitar with loud drums was simply standing around Murtile trying to sniff in all the wine fumes coming out of Casa de la Crust.

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