My Three Favorite Boston Bands

March 3, 2009 § Leave a comment

Over the past year, I found out some weird things about myself. Turns out that I actually like the company of cats, tomatoes and spinach are foods to be enjoyed (instead of swallowed without letting them touch your tongue), and… British indie music isn’t the end all and be all.

Since we’ve started this site, I’ve believed in Boston music.  Now? I could wax poetic. Who’d have thought that I’d have no idea who the NME was wanking over (probably still the Arctic Monkeys or The Horrors), but I’d know when two local indie artists came into the restaurant. Not because I fancy them, but because they are the most talented married couple I can think of.

Friday night, I unexpectedly got the night off of work. Everyone had plans but I NEEDED to go to this show. The idea of going to a Lower Allston house show just did not compare. So, after a pep talk from multiple friends, off my lonely self went to The Paradise. I used to be a pro at going to shows solo… it was time to get back into the habit.

And just who are my three favorite Boston bands? Only one way to find out…

I don’t really know how to write this, though. Words just aren’t enough when it comes to these people and the music they make. I just really want you to listen to their songs and go see them live. I fully understand that I sound like a silly little fan girl but they make me lose my writing abililty.

Which is why this is a story told mostly with text messages.

Viva Viva

When you see them, you will be immediately drawn to the dichotomy standing at the front of this six piece. Chris Warren and David Vicini; short and tall; happy and rough. It leads to this crazy mixture of The Kinks and The Stones and every good thing about the sixties, made a bit rougher. I love them.

As soon as they were done, I texted Cat… “OH GOD”.


My word, you need to see Helms. For as long as I’ve lived in Boston I’ve been aware of Helms and their legendary musical reputation. It wasn’t until this summer that I got the chance to see them; that was special for a multitude of reasons and so was this night. Something to do with letting go. All I can tell you is that my mind was running pretty fast but their set made me lose my train of thought completely. They are a family affair (Sean, Tina and Dan McCarthy) and they are incredible. I heard two separate people turn to their friends and say “They were… different.” You could hear in their voice that it was nothing but a compliment.

Once they were done, I texted Cat again…”HOLY SHIT”.
Followed by “I’m not being excitable. Seriously.
And “Just helms are the best band ever. Seriously. We’re going to their next show. I’m speechless. Shit sorry I’m meant to say it sucks.”
Then I texted Craig “CRAIG one day I will make you see Helms. You’ll want to cry they’re so good but you’ll be too happy. Holy shit.”

Drug Rug

I love Drug Rug. If you know me well at all, you know I love Drug Rug. I had people this week remind me of this show just cos of Drug Rug. One time Rachel Bailey and I were on a road trip and I was sitting in a Toronto mall reading their version of The Phoenix when I saw that Drug Rug were opening for The Long Blondes just down the street. An hour later we were there… three hours later Rachel was telling me how impressed (and surprised, thanks) she was.

This guy in the audience thought it was hilarious to keep yelling “PLAY TWO OF US!” because of the on-going relationship between Sarah and Tommy. To which, Tommy quietly answered back “It’s the four of us”. This is the best I’ve ever seen them. There exists in the world another Boston blog, and I need you to see the footage he got of “For the Rest of Your Life”, one of my favorite Drug Rug songs. (While you’re there you should also appreciate his website, I really like what he’s doing and think we should be blog friends. Maybe he can be on our blog roll).

After it was all over, I texted Cat one last time. “Holy shit all over again. I wish you’d been here, yer mind would’ve been blown three times. Maybe four.”

Walking home in the rain, as I tried to put my mind back together, I was content. Happy I’d found myself in Boston, that I was going somewhere to be with friends, and, most importantly for this post, happy that bands like these existed.

If you want a new local band to fall in love with, try the links above. Whatever your tastes, at least one should do the trick.
And that’s really all I wanted to say.


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