Excuse this break from the Friend Rock onslaught…

March 3, 2009 § 1 Comment

I get Friend Rock but I am not part of it. I have only met a few Friend Rock-ers and Matt DeMello probably doesn’t know that I live with Cat. One time there were a bunch of people in our apartment and I was upstairs with the flu.

Whatever, I still like fun. My lack of Friend Rock involvement frees me up to sometimes go to shows where I don’t know everyone in the band. Like a few weeks ago. I went to three. I’m combining my week into one post because I only saw a few bands at each gig and also I’m lazy and sometimes find writing show reviews extremely painful.

Click on to read about Furnace, Math the Band, Pretty & Nice, The Toothaches, Kill Conrad, and something about Milo that I can’t remember right now.

So… the night of Tuesday the 17th I was mostly walking in circles and telling people that their food would come out at different times, fully aware of what I was missing across the river. As soon as the last tile had been mopped, I ran out of work, picked up an Anna, and we scurried over to see the last of a show at Wadzilla (which apparently also has 5 other names but you know what I mean). The line-up was L’antietam, Furnace, Draize, and The Late Night Wars… texts informed me that we’d be lucky if we got there in time for the last band, Furnace.

Thankfully, seltzer bottle whiskey in hand, we did.

From scanning their MySpace, I can tell you they formed at the start of 2006. I always thought they were a Boston band but it seems they flirt with the Mass-NH border. What I know for certain is that they are a loud-as-hell three piece. The first time I saw them was over the summer, minus a member, in the same basement. This time, standing in the back, actually being able to hear, I really got them. And it just wasn’t the whiskey hitting me at an obscenely fast rate (note: always, always eat dinner).

This was a tour kick-off for em, as they’re now embarking on a jaunt that won’t end until May; they’ll be crossing the States AND hanging out in Europe. Clearly, they’re doing something right. If you like loud thrashy punk that is actually highly musical, go to www.myspace.com/furnacesucks.

Fastforward to Thursday when, after a Vietnamese fiesta with Cat, I unexpectedly found myself at Great Scott for The Toothache’s 7″ Release Party. Before I go any further, I have to mention how strange it was to not be one of the only girls there. Jerome, photographer-extraordinaire and my partner-in-crime observed this phenomenon with pleasure.

I missed the first band but came midway into Math the Band’s set. It’s funny, I first saw Math the Band at some youth center near Harvard, MA, opening for Cat’s band and the now defunct Reaganauts. But here they were, Kevin Steinhauser on guitar and Justine Mainville on synthesizer, whipping the crowd into a full-blown frenzy. It was awesome.

Next up was Pretty & Nice, a Boston band I’ve wanted to see forever. They’ve just released their second album, Get Young, and Pitchfork liked it! Apparently various members had flown in for the event and The Big Big Bucks’ Tuck was filling in on drums. Theirs is the kind of sound that made me love music to begin with. Catchy riffs… Wait, you know what, I told you already, I hate writing reviews. I just like them a lot and I think you would too. www.myspace.com/prettyandnice.

Last on was The Toothaches, a band with members based in both Boston and NYC. Part of the reason I’m writing this post is that I woke up a few days ago with a song in my head and couldn’t place it. Somehow, their sound is catchy enough that “The Lucky Ones” managed to creep into my subconscious. Dressed as victims of a Carrie-style prom, their sweet sound is mixed with enough rock to be palatable, even enjoyable, to the newfound cynic in me. www.myspace.com/thetoothaches

Jerome Eno

And then there was Saturday. I went to my nephew’s birthday party which was as fun as those things are (read: VERY), and decided to cap the evening off with a show at Fort Fuck Awesome. I missed Kill Conrad but you should check them out anyways (www.myspace.com/killconrad). I was, however, there for two hardcore punk bands. Now, hardcore punk is not a phrase one would associate with me but I found myself actually appreciating (and perhaps enjoying?) these bands. This makes me wonder whether my musical boundaries really were expanding or if my hearing was already going. I wish I had more to tell you about these bands but that’s all I got. Musical preconceptions blown, we eventually left to go upstairs and talk about whether or not a dog was pregnant.

All in all, it was a great week. This has inspired me to get back to my old self and go to at least a show a week, no matter who’s playing. When it comes to stuff at night, I never have more fun than when I’m at a show. I think I’d forgotten that.


§ One Response to Excuse this break from the Friend Rock onslaught…

  • Kevin says:

    Good God it’s a small world-

    My buddy Louie at work played a showed with the Toothaches not so long ago, he brought their album into work yesterday. Not to mention the fact I went to college with Justine of Math the Band fame.

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