My Three Favorite Boston Bands

March 3, 2009 § Leave a comment

Over the past year, I found out some weird things about myself. Turns out that I actually like the company of cats, tomatoes and spinach are foods to be enjoyed (instead of swallowed without letting them touch your tongue), and… British indie music isn’t the end all and be all.

Since we’ve started this site, I’ve believed in Boston music.  Now? I could wax poetic. Who’d have thought that I’d have no idea who the NME was wanking over (probably still the Arctic Monkeys or The Horrors), but I’d know when two local indie artists came into the restaurant. Not because I fancy them, but because they are the most talented married couple I can think of.

Friday night, I unexpectedly got the night off of work. Everyone had plans but I NEEDED to go to this show. The idea of going to a Lower Allston house show just did not compare. So, after a pep talk from multiple friends, off my lonely self went to The Paradise. I used to be a pro at going to shows solo… it was time to get back into the habit.

And just who are my three favorite Boston bands? Only one way to find out…

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Excuse this break from the Friend Rock onslaught…

March 3, 2009 § 1 Comment

I get Friend Rock but I am not part of it. I have only met a few Friend Rock-ers and Matt DeMello probably doesn’t know that I live with Cat. One time there were a bunch of people in our apartment and I was upstairs with the flu.

Whatever, I still like fun. My lack of Friend Rock involvement frees me up to sometimes go to shows where I don’t know everyone in the band. Like a few weeks ago. I went to three. I’m combining my week into one post because I only saw a few bands at each gig and also I’m lazy and sometimes find writing show reviews extremely painful.

Click on to read about Furnace, Math the Band, Pretty & Nice, The Toothaches, Kill Conrad, and something about Milo that I can’t remember right now.

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