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February 1, 2009 § Leave a comment

Once upon a time, Cat and Kate worked with a boy called Ken. He liked Chili Chicken Ramen with a side order of rice and handlebar mustaches. The three of us are co-owners of a tape duplicator; Ken uses it to make releases for Ready… Cassette? Go! Cat and Kate would also release a tape via this machine if only a band would agree to it. (Anyone want to release a tape? Yeaaah?)

I could tell you more about Ken but that really isn’t the point of this article. Nor are cassettes. I’m supposed to be writing about another ‘dated’ format…. Vinyl.

Vinyl Vlog logo

I’m sure you’ve already heard about the big comeback.  You’ve listened to the NPR updates and read the Rolling Stone article. But, chances are, you’ve been hanging out with your dad’s LP’s for quite some time now and Newbury Comics expanding their vinyl collection is really just a nice thing.

As with anything worth knowing about, there’s the weekenders and then there’s those people… You know who you are. You know when the newest 7″ by Punk McPunkalot is going to be released and how many copies will be included in the pressing and what color the record will be, etc etc etc.

Ken and his friend, Josh, are two Boston boys who know this much, if not more. To boot: they are now ‘vloggers’ (ps VLOG?!) on the subject. Their episodes mix interviews with bands (both national and local), reviews of recent releases, and general banter (music related or no. See Episode 5 for “no”). They even did interviews at Fest down in Gainsboro, FL this year and have some sort of connection going with

Basically, if you like good things, you should check out these boys. I think what they’re doing is pretty cool and worthwhile and kind of want the world to know about it. And that’s why I wrote this with Cat talking in my ear.

Vinyl Vlog Episode Guide

Episode One, interview with Chuck Ragan from Hot Water Music:

Episode Two, interview with Serious Geniuses/Young Livers/WWD:

Episode Three, interview with Murder by Death and review of Able Baker Fox:

Episode Four, interview with Landmines and review of Gaslight Anthem:

Episode Five, interview with Polar Bear Club and review of Shorebirds:


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