10 Signs That You are in a Friend Rock Band

February 18, 2009 § 4 Comments

by Stephen Pilgrim

10. Five people showing up to your show who aren’t immediate friends of you or your bandmates constitutes “Fillin’ the joint.”

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God Bless you Mr. Rockefeller (Or, How I learned to Love the Grid)

February 18, 2009 § 1 Comment

by Anthony Pilgrim

“It comes down to reality-and its fine with me cause I’ve let it slide,
I don’t have any reasons; I’ve left them all behind-
I’m in a New York state of mind.”

-Billy Joel

If you live in Boston, or just have a affinity for it, you most likely hate New York City with nearly no rhyme or reason. That was my case not three months ago, when I was front row at Local H proudly holding my Celtics jacket like a war banner and chanting along with Scott Lucas “…and fuck New York too!!!” Why was I so spiteful towards the Big Apple? I couldn’t have told you back then. The Red Sox hold no real place in my heart other than their familiarity and my visits to the enemy city itself had been limited to a trip to Ellis Island in third grade. But the venom existed somewhere natural for me, and after my escapade this weekend I understand why. It’s because no matter what happens, no matter what Mayor Menino plans or Bloomburg blows up, no matter what weird scene ever rises out of our mother city, New York will always be the center of it all, and Boston will be an exit along the way.

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That Handsome Devil: Coming of the Next Madman

February 2, 2009 § 1 Comment

“Viva Discordia”
-That Handsome Devil

Anthony & Godforbid at the Laundromat

by Anthony Pilgrim

Part of the mystique of rock and roll is its saturation with truly insane individuals who scream, smoke, and bleed their way into the history of this mad subculture. Every generation tries to out-do the one previous, starting with the jumping wild south piano stylings of Jerry Lee Lewis to the attempted on-stage suicide of GG Allen. As we enter a new age of the strange and wonderful, where shall we turn our attentions? If I were to say that just a year ago I found our Messiah in an overpriced cash bar at the clean and cleansed back room of the Hard Rock Café in Boston, you may claim foul and demand the details. Well, even if you didn’t, here they are.

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Working in Food Service to Follow Your Dreams

February 1, 2009 § Leave a comment

Cat's New Haircut

For forty hours a week, I hate all of humanity, in a psychotic way.  I actually believe that sometimes I would do physical harm to a complete stranger just because of the manner in which he asked for a refill on his tap water.

I play in a band.  Bands are awesome, but they rarely pay the bills.  I’m not a musician; if anything, I’d consider myself a performer.  Maybe not even that – I just like to be the center of attention.  So, I’m in a band because I like attention.  In this specific instance, getting attention doesn’t pay the bills.  Thus, (perhaps due to commitment issues) I am employed by a restaurant in Harvard Square, where I serve faux-Asian food to idiots.
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To Vlog…

February 1, 2009 § Leave a comment

Once upon a time, Cat and Kate worked with a boy called Ken. He liked Chili Chicken Ramen with a side order of rice and handlebar mustaches. The three of us are co-owners of a tape duplicator; Ken uses it to make releases for Ready… Cassette? Go! Cat and Kate would also release a tape via this machine if only a band would agree to it. (Anyone want to release a tape? Yeaaah?)

I could tell you more about Ken but that really isn’t the point of this article. Nor are cassettes. I’m supposed to be writing about another ‘dated’ format…. Vinyl.

Vinyl Vlog logo

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