The Reaganauts

July 28, 2006 § 1 Comment

by Phil Pilgrim

Fitchburg, October 2006

“Artists must be sacrificed to their art. Like bees, they must put their lives into the sting they give”-Emerson

Fitchburg’s The Reaganauts go from being just barely in control to completely warped and twisted in all the ways you love to see a good rock band. They are strange, visceral and frantic in a way totally unheard of in the flaccid Fitchburg scene. They are a shot in the arm compared to the zombie local flavor which we’ve all grown accustomed to. “We’re not a band”, says drummer Anthony Geehan. “We’re a snuff film.”

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Ask a Pilgrim

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ANSWERS and ADVICE from Adam Pilgrim

Dear Pilgrims,
What’s the deal with Hipsters? What makes them cool? How can you tell if a scene is cool or lame?
Robin Dunlop, University of Aberdeen

ANSWER: On the first day, God* created people who are inherently cool. These people he gaveth gifts, yea, great gifts, and he puteth them in sweet bands. On the second day, God created those who seek to be cool and placethed them in the suburbs. And lo, he gave them rich parents to mooch off of. These children of his he dubbed Hipsters, who are so fucking concernedeth with being cool that they are lame, lead lame lives, and pretend to be interesting when in fact they are lame. “Be fruitful and multiply,” said He, “and when you go to shows, show up right when Wolf Parade’s set starts, but leave before the Constantines come on. And so it shall come to pass that the world will know you are only concerned with being cool, you lame-ass fatties.”
On the third day, with all the leftover shit, he created Yuppies. “Behold,” he said, “This sucks” and openedeth another beer.
*Iggy Pop

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The Raconteurs

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by Cat Pilgrim

Lupo’s Heartbreak Hotel vs Brixton Academy, January 2007

By now, everybody has heard of The Raconteurs. Those of you who haven’t…I don’t quite know what to say. They were the house band for this year’s VMAs. You can’t swing a cat on MTV without hitting a VMA reprise.

The band’s most common misnomer is ‘Jack White’s Side-Project’. Let’s take a cold shower with him for the moment. The Raconteurs are a 4-piece rock ‘n roll killing machine; Pat Keeler and Jack Lawrence, both formerly of the Greenhornes, teamed up with solo singer/songwriter Brendan Benson (as in, THE Brendan Benson, of Brendan Benson Fame, who can rock skinny jeans like Pete Doherty rocks the crack pipe) and…the ubiquitous White Stripes front-man Jack White. Together, they form a highly competent super group with some endearing back story along the lines of “aw, shucks, we’re just all old buddies jammin’ in a garage.” The “aw, shucks, we don’t know our own strength” mentality coupled with heady blues overtones basically promotes itself, and SOMEHOW manages to be acceptable by Hipsters and Old Folk alike. How much do they rock live? The following is basically a love letter, so stop reading now if you have a sensitive stomach.

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Pinewood Derby

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by Cat Pilgrim
Pinewood Derby
All Asia Bar, 3 June 2006

IGNORING PROPER ROCK ‘N ROLL PROTOCOL , I arrived at Cambridge’s All Asia Bar woefully early. I chugged a bottle of Jack Daniels to compensate for my faux pas as I scanned the room for members of Pinewood Derby. An enthusiastic looking chap came up to me, extending his hand. “I’m Jack Ludden from Pinewood Derby. Thanks for coming!” I must have looked relieved to see a friendly face, but quickly regained my devil-may-care composure and smashed my empty bottle on the ground.
“Hi Jack, I’m Cat, from Pilgrims of Sound.”

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Boy Least Likely To

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by Kate Pilgrim
The Boy Least Likely To
TT the Bears, June 2006

Jof Owen is in the middle of a moral dilemma. He’s just been asked a Pilgrim favorite, would you sell your soul to the devil for the perfect song? “What does that entail? Your soul? The perfect song.. but hes got my soul?”


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